big things

I read a letter to the editor in the Weekend Australian Magazine last night (my life seems to be perpetually running about three days late) that I thought was relevant to this week’s local media coverage of Berri’s Big Orange.

For those not in the know about Berri life – the Murray River town is home to an 85 tonne orange that closed earlier this year due to lack of support. This week it was reported that the owner of the orange has been approached about selling the giant replica and it being removed from the area.

Here is the letter…

As someone who lives a stone’s throw from the proposed site of the Stonehenge replica in Margaret River (Susan Maushart, April 19-20), why wouldn’t I applaud WA brewer Ross Smith’s bold initiative of bringing this 2500-tonne attraction to our part of the world? Margaret River doesn’t even have any massive replica prawns, pineapples or apples. All we have is stunning beaches, forests, the Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin Track, more than 200 wine operations, terrific cafés and restaurants, and a fabulous mediterranean climate. Of course it’s vital we have a Stonehenge replica, too.
Ian Parmenter
Margaret River, WA


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