six degrees

There is a passage in The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini that I would love to quote right now but the book has disappeared from my bedside table (I’m looking squarely in the direction of my two toddlers with a level of suspicion bordering on accusation, or I would be if they weren’t in bed/watching Spot).

To paraphrase it – “Leave two Afghanis alone in a room together, come back in six minutes and they would have worked out how they are related”.

This phrase came to mind this evening as I was doing a bit of work on the Renmark Hotel’s new Facebook page (how’s that for cross promotion).

This morning I was chatting to a person on Facebook, who I had come across on a Facebook group and invited to be part of the Renmark Hotel group. Afterwards I had a better look at her profile and knew she looked familiar but couldn’t quite place her.

So I sent a message asking if she happened to work at Maccas in Renmark – and she replied she did and asked if I was the “large vanilla chai with skim milk girl”.

Chai – bringing the world together once again.


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